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This is an older version of Eleventy. Full release history. Go to the newest Eleventy docs. You could try /docs/languages/markdown/ although it may not exist.

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Markdown files can be optionally pre-processed with an additional template engine. This can be configured on a per-template basis or globally. Read more at Changing a Template’s Rendering Engine.

Markdown Options

Default Options

The only listed options here are the ones that differ from the default markdown-it options. See all markdown-it options and defaults.

Optional: Set your own library instance

Pass in your own instance of the Markdown library using the Configuration API. See all markdown-it options.

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
let markdownIt = require("markdown-it");
let options = {
html: true,
breaks: true,
linkify: true

eleventyConfig.setLibrary("md", markdownIt(options));

Add your own plugins

Pass in your own markdown-it plugins using the setLibrary Configuration API method (building on the method described in “Using your own options”).

  1. Find your own markdown-it plugin on NPM
  2. npm install the plugin.
module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
let markdownIt = require("markdown-it");
let markdownItEmoji = require("markdown-it-emoji");
let options = {
html: true
let markdownLib = markdownIt(options).use(markdownItEmoji);

eleventyConfig.setLibrary("md", markdownLib);